Odd Fellows, unlike many other organizations, makes no special effort to attract "name" members. It is a warm, personal type of affiliation that doesn't rely on "rubbing elbows" with the famous to give them satisfaction. Take note that these names are placed below only for educational purposes and not for publicity:

George IV,  King of Hanover  and the Unites Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1820-1830)

Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of U.K. (1951-1955) 

Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet and English politician. 

 Ulysses S. Grant, 18th U.S. President (1869–1877)

 Warren Harding, 29th U.S. President (1921–1923)

 Schuyler Colfax, U.S. Vice President (1869–1873)

 Wyatt Earp, iconic figure in American folk history

George W. Wright, Past U.S. Senator

Ernest McFarland, Past U.S. Senator

George W.P. Hunt, 1st Governor of Arizona

 Frank Steunenberg, 4th Governor of Idaho

Edwin Carl Johnson, 26th Governor of Colorado

Otto Kerner, 33rd Governor of Illinois

Earl Warren, U.S. Chief Justice (1953–1969)

 William Jennings Bryan, 41st U.S. Secretary of State

 Henry Rathbone, past member of U.S. House of Representatives

Harry G. Leslie, past speaker of Indiana House of Representatives, 33rd Governor of Indiana

 Robert Melville Bailey, notable Bahamian Educator (GUOOF)

Joseph McLeskey, prominent Reveren 

Georgia Dwelle, first female African-American Physician(GUOOF)

Paul Mariner, English International Football Player 

Levi Stanley & Matilda Joles Stanley, King and Queen of the Gypsies

 Henry Peter Brougham, Lord Chancellor of U.K. (1830-1834)

Thomas Wildey, founder of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in North America  

Rutherford Hayes, 19th U.S. President (1877–1881)

 Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President (1933–1945)

Thomas Hendricks, 21st U.S. Vice President

 Charlie Chaplin, famous actor and comedian

Thomas Sterling, Past U.S. Senator

 Richard Russell Jr, Past U.S. Senator

Samuel Pasco, Past U.S. Senator

 Thomas Bennett, 5th Governor of Idaho

 Chase Orborn, 27th Governor of Michigan

Goodwin Knight, 31st Governor of California

Hugo Black Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1937-1971)

Nathan Kelley, famous U.S.  architect, designed the Ohio statehouse

 John A. Macdonald, 1st Prime Minister of Canada

Oscar Stanton De Priest, past member of U.S. House of Representatives

 Williman Bankhead, 47th speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

Solomon Meredith, Union Brevet Major General

Albert Pike, notable confederate Army, lawyer and writer 

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady of the United States (1933-1945) and delegate to the United Nations General Assembly. 

Robert C. Byrd, U.S. Senator (1989-2010) 

Sir Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1923-1937)

John Wilkes, English Radical and Journalist 

Anson Jones, 4th and last President of the Republic of Texas (1844-1846)

 William Mckinley, 25th U.S. President

Red Skelton, famous American Comedian 

Everett McKinley Driksen, Past U.S. Senator

  Alexander Stephens Clas, Past U.S.Senator

William Borah, Past U.S. Senator

 William Henry McMaster, 10th Governor of South Dakota

Louis Emmerson, 27th Governor of Illinois

Oliver Morton, 14th Governor of Indiana 

 Francis M. Drake, Past Governor of Iowa

 Homer Stille Cummings, 55th U.S. Attorney General

 William Marsh Rice, Founder of Rice University

John Raker, past member of U.S. House of Representatives

Edwin Hubbell Chapin, Universalist minister, author, lecturer, and social reformer, was one of the most popular speakers in America from the 1840s until his death.

Tom Bevill, past member of U.S. House of Representatives

Samuel Brenton, past member of U.S. House of Representatives in Congress

Burnt Ives, famous singer actor and writer

 Lucy Hobbs Taylor, first U.S. female dentist

Frances Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy, confidante of Queen Elizabeth, maternal grandmother of Princess Diana.

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