Thank you for your interest in our worldwide Brotherhood and Sisterhood! As members of the Odd Fellows, we are in a worldwide community of people who have chosen personal development based on a humble, friendly, honest and humanitarian viewpoint. We have two general purposes - HUMANITARIAN and ETHICAL. We are composed of men and women who want to make a difference in our communities with the aim of raising our members' character and outlook in life. Below are some information need in joining our fraternal organization:


  • Enduring bonds of friendship, a worldwide network of brothers and sisters and a warm welcome in distant countries.
  • Self-improvement, leadership training and gaining the ability to effectively work with others.
    Community activity participation and opportunities to help others.

  • A broadening of your mind and improving oneself into a better person.
  • Learning how to handle challenging responsibilities and situations which can give you an inner satisfaction that no money can buy.
  • Tolerance of other people's opinions, beliefs and culture.
  • Wholesome fraternity experience without hazing, vices and violence of any form.

  • Male or Female
  • At least 16 years old or above
  • Student or Professional
  • Believes in God
  • A sober minded person not given to illicit drugs or excessive drinking.
  • Tolerant of faiths and beliefs other than his/her own.
  • Loyal to his or her country.
  • Honest and known for his or her integrity in all his /her affairs
  • Have made his or her decision to join by his or her own free will and not for any personal gain or reasons      of idle curiosity. 


    To become a member of an Odd Fellows lodge in the Philippines and/or any other Odd Fellows lodge worldwide the path is the same.  Those interested simply would either contact the lodge via telephone or email, meet a current member, come to an Odd Fellows sponsored event and let us know your intentions. Once we are aware of your intention we strongly suggest the following:

    1.) Research the Fraternity.  Information is in every library and all over the internet.

    2.) Attend lodge Prospective Members Orientation or Member Seminars, dinners and functions so you have the opportunity to get to know the members and see first hand some of the benevolent programs we are involved in.

    3.) Visit other Odd Fellows Lodge in the area, if there are any.

    4.) Keep in mind you are considering joining one of the world's largest and oldest  fraternity.

    5.) Consider the time and resources you have to offer.  Odd Fellows are Odd Fellows 24/7 365. All members have to financially contribute to maintain and support the local, national and international projects and activities of the organization.

    6.) If after you have contemplated the above and wish to proceed you will need a sponsor who will recommend you to other lodge members of your eligibility for membership.  If you don`t personally know someone in the lodge and wish to join and have made your intention to become a member clear then one will be appointed for you.

    7.) This becomes your official start.  You will be educated on what is expected and you will be asked to be involved in various lodge functions and activities as well. You will undergo a Mentoring Process upon which you need to:

    a. Undergo a series of lectures about the Odd Fellows and some few written or oral examination and, if possible, a team-building and self-improvement activity.

    b. Fulfill hours of Community Service and Lodge works to expose you on what we usually do as members: organizing activities, handling membership orientation seminars, attending meetings, etc. 

    8.) When your sponsor feels confident you have gained the knowledge to make a well informed decision on joining the order, your sponsor will let the lodge know and the members will vote on you at a regularly scheduled meeting.

    9.) If the vote is favorable, you pay a Membership Application Fee set by the Lodge will be brought to the next initiation ceremony and start a life long journey of helping your fellow man and expanding your fraternal relations with the world.

    10.) Upon receiving all 4 Lodge Degrees, having proven that you are a good member, and upon paying your Annual Dues set by the Lodge, your name will then be submitted to the National and International list of members and will receive you membership ID number in due time.


    If there is no Odd Fellows lodge in your location, you can pioneer a lodge by:

    1.) Gather at least 15 or more people of good moral character and are willing to organize a lodge and dedicate themselves in promoting the principles of the brotherhood and sisterhood.

    2.) Fill-up individual application and bio forms and group petition for charter.

    3.) Once individual applications and petition for charter are approved, study materials about the Odd Fellows will be sent for the candidates to study.

    4.) Candidates and degree team from an already existing lodge will then plan out a mutually convenient date, venue and location for the institution of the lodge.

    5.) Once a mutually convenient date and venue is set, candidates and degree team will meet for about 1-2 hours lecture-seminar about the Odd Fellows which will then be followed by a group or individual interview.

    6.) If vote is favorable, the degree conferral, lodge institution will follow and petition for charter be recommended to the Sovereign Grand Lodge. The new lodge will first work under dispensation until their petition for charter is approved during the Sovereign Grand Lodge Sessions held every August of each year. 

    7.) Lodge will have to work under the guidance of the Expansion and Development Team or the nearest Lodge for at least a year or until necessary. 

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    "No hazing, no subordination, no sacrifice of your opinions and beliefs, no change of relations to the Country, no loosening of the obligations which, as a good citizen, you owe to the laws and institutions under which you live, is required."

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