July 12, 2010

July 11, 2010 - members of I.O.O.F, Watchdog Lodge No.1, Dumaguete City, Philippines started their Sunday morning picking up trashes beside Silliman Beach.
Fighting global warming and saving the environment had become one of the major concerns of many organizations of today. Internationally, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows supports this cause through their “Living Legacy Program” which focuses on planting trees and enhancing the environment. This idea was formulated by Past Sovereign Grand Master Wilson D. Berkey in 1989 when he noticed the dead trees in the jurisdictions he visited. Since then, the organization has planted more than 8 million trees worldwide and participated in various volunteer clean-up drives.

In Dumaguete City in the Philippines, members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows contribute to this environmental cause by organizing clean-up drives. On July 11, members of Kapatirang Watchdog lodge no.1 again helped the environment in their small ways through organizing a coastal clean-up at Silliman Beach.

Anatoly Karpov Buss, an environmental advocate, a school teacher and an Odd Fellow member proposed 
this idea to the organization. He was concerned with the negative effects of improper garbage disposal. This problem does not just destroy our environment but also those species living nearby. This small way of cleaning-up not only provides environmental awareness but puts people into action. For the organization, it gives a feeling of accomplishment and develops teamwork.

“It was a humbling experience since I haven't done this since my elementary years. Picking up trashes and helping our environment. I have to say, job well done...” said Rex Olpoc, current Chairperson of the I.O.O.F in the Philippines.