September 27, 2010


Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines - Lourdes College led by Professor Stephen Cubar, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Kapatirang Mindanaon Lodge no.2, led by Noble Grand Vencent Seth Ofngol conducted a mangrove tree planting activity in Brgy. Bonbon as one way of alleviating the effects of global warming and climate change. Not only do mangrove trees consume carbon dioxide but they also serve as habitats for animal species living in coastal areas. They also serve as protection from strong waves such as tidal waves or "tsunami".


The activity started around 5:00 AM and finished around 8:00 AM. For the I.O.O.F members, it was a tiring day because they just had a degree conferral the night before this activity.  Several members didn't even have adequate sleep due to some lodge transactions, including those which pertain to financial papers and system of collection. Some members we're busy creating plans for contingencies and ground rules concerning this activity. But still, they woke up early in the morning to participate in this activity. For most members, this day is a fun and fulfilling day. They consider this activity as a very successful cause and would serve as a concrete manifestation of Odd Fellowship.


A total of 15 sacks of mangrove seeds were planted in the swampy shores of Brgy. Bonbon. Members hope to do similar activities again someday.


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